GSoC 2015 - Processing for Android

Good day,

My name is Marco Alessandro, I am 21 years old and I am a student at the University of Udine, graduating in Computer Science (Web Technology and Multimedia at 2nd/3rd year). I am using Processing (both desktop and mobile version) for one of our courses and I would like to help with the development of the mobile version for Android.

With this post I am asking for more information and feedback about the "Processing for Android" section on your git-hub Project list. I would like to help with the "Interface/back-end" proposal and I am here to ask if I can actually help with that particular task, in the context of GSoC. Well aware that it is not going to be easy (as you wrote: "difficult multi-threaded code that handles the build and run cycle" and so on), I would like to accept the challenge and try to make something useful for the community.

My current competencies include imperative programming (Java, PHP and Pascal), web-oriented scripting and markup (html5, css, mysql and I'm learning javascript) and a little bit of functional programming (Scheme). Thanks to a couple of courses at University I am learning more and more programming every day and I am ready to jump into other programming languages if needed: I am very motivated and I usually learn quickly.

I would be grateful If you were so kind to give me some feedback on whether or not I am a viable candidate for this task. If not, I could always help with minor projects, like the Auto Format one or just let me know if there is something I can help within the context of GSoC.

Trusting in your kind reply, Marco Alessandro C.


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    I would recommend that you first download and install Processing Android and make some basic "Hello World" style projects with it to get a sense of the project and how it works. We would be glad to accept proposals for Android. If you can engage on github and submit a pull request for a bug as a trial run, this helps us to assess your proposal. If you have a portfolio with any projects you've made using Processing or other tools that is also helpful to include.

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