FaceOSC Job for Hire

Hey Ya'll

While I'm on my way to learn Processing I'm interested in hiring someone to create a small project of mine. This is also an attempt to learn while working with someone.

I'm looking to have created something very similar to this--> http://golancourses.net/2013/category/project-1/face-osc/

The code is available here --> https://github.com/crecord/faceOSC

What I need is the following:

Instead of text I want to replace the image with a small looping animation/video (gif/mp4/etc.)

I do not want the animation to scale with the mouth opening and closing

I want to be able to use this on a flat screen with a HD webcam on top

With limited knowledge I want to be able to change the animation myself

Extra awesomeness to be considered but not required:

Multiple people + Animations at the same time

Multiple Animations so each time someone closes their mouth or someone new comes it switches to a new animation

I'm thinking this shouldn't be a huge job I'm looking for someone to take the code above and rework it with my animation. I'd love to talk if this is something you are interested in working with me on. While limited I do have a budget for this project.

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