OpenGL error 1286


I'm getting the following message error:

Framebuffer error (unknown error), rendering will probably not work as expected Read for help. OpenGL error 1286 at bot beginDraw(): invalid framebuffer operation OpenGL error 1286 at top endDraw(): invalid framebuffer operation

This is following a run of the following code:

PShape rectangle;

void setup() {
  rectangle = createShape(RECT,-50,-25,100,50);

void draw() {

  if (mousePressed) {

I have Processing version 2.2.1 My system is Windows 7, 64-bit, with an Intel Graphic Card, but also with a GeForce GT 525M.

I read some of the related posts online and in this forum, but it seems there is no solution for me... I tried checking if the GeForce is up to date, it is. (also the Intel).

I also went into the NVIDIA control panel and changed the processing.exe to work from the NVIDIA card...

No luck, I still get the error.

What should I do? Thanks.


  • Have you tried right-clicking processing.exe or your shortcut to it? There should be an option available labeled 'Run with graphics processor > High performance NVIDIA processor'. This should apply to sub-processes of the IDE as well (running sketches). I don't know if anyone searches for these issues by proper names, but this is called NVidia Optimus.

  • Thanks. Problem solved.

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