(Job Offer) Creative Coder: Interactive Projection Dance Project

I am creating a dance-work that features interactive projections similar to the following:

I am looking to hire a coder to create approximately 12 minutes of interactive visual elements for this dance.
It will include creating dynamically generated animations based on an image database. The projections will respond to and be generated by the movement of the dancers.

Please contact me at thomasd@wou.edu



  • Okay, I can do this, but what is the guidelines?

  • @ ingentersed=== i have done things of this kind. not so easy... but main question is: where are you working? - because coding for that implies to work together, not only sending code....

  • I am in Oregon, USA

  • What I need is an artistic/technical collaborator that can: 1: code to create the interactive visual elements 2: code to motion track the dancers 3: recommend the necessary computer hardware, infrared camera, infrared illuminator etc. to support the software:

    Interactive visual elements: 1: Real-time generated graphics 2: Motion tracking dancers 3: Physics simulation reacting to motion 4: Graphic elements that respond to the motion of dancers and to the motion of other surrounding elements 5: Graphic elements with gradually changing behavior

  • I've sent you emails and you haven't replied, are we still working on this?

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