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I want to make p5js draw to an existing canvas in my page. I tried creating a canvas with id 'defaultCanvas' but p5js automatically creates another canvas of 200x200 and ignores the existing canvas. Is this possible?


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    Got zero experience w/ it! But I think parent() is possibly the solution: :-/

    But I wonder if you could create the canvas programmatically from "p5js" rather than from an ".html" config file? :-?

  • How would getting the parent help? The defaultCanvas is not a parent of the Processing sketch.

    @lonesword What are you trying to draw to the existing canvas?

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    I'm creating a client-server setup. When the client connects to the server, the client should send the server the width and height of the canvas.

        <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/sketch.js"></script>
            var socket = io.connect('');
            //let the server know that this is the master canvas
            var canvas = document.getElementById('defaultCanvas');
            socket.emit('master', canvas.width, canvas.height);

    But p5js creates the 'defaultCanvas' below my custom script. so getElementById returns null.

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    Can't you just name that ".html" defined canvas something other than 'defaultCanvas'? /:)

  • @lonesworld you can't specify the specific canvas, but you can specify the div you would like your canvas to be injected into using the parent() function

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