SketchMapper library

I made a library based off of SketchMapperGUI and SurfaceMapper.

you can download it at the website.

It works in 2.2.1 and allows you to define sketches as the textures for surfaces (the original SurfaceMapperGUI used images / videos instead). It's still in its infancy so feel free to make note of any issues you find on the GitHub. I hope it works for you and comes in handy !


  • I put out version 2.0.1 today. I fixed some dependency-clashing issues so now this can coexist with the old SurfaceMapper library and with ControlP5. The example sketch wasn't working (sorry), so I fixed that too.

  • Release version 3.0.1 today which makes the library compatible with ControlP5 version 2.2.5, the latest of that. This still won't work for Processing 3.X due to the coupling with this and ControlP5, which hasn't been updated for Processing 3.X yet.

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