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I am working in a project where I have to display several fullHD movies at the same time. I am working in a multi-screen environment and I am having serious issues when I need to display the movies - getting a real low fps when displaying both movies at the same time.

I am using the default movie class to play the files, and I pretty much put my movies inside a dragging container (using SMT zones) and use what's in the processing movie API - .

Is there a faster way to process large videos ? Tried GSTREAMER but got worse performance.



  • multi thread?

  • Have to try that yet... I am wondering if there's a bottleneck when I try to load the videos, as the computer freezes for a while, but the machines are quite new and I find this loading process to slow, and when it's loaded the fps are really low (5-7 fps playing two full hd videos, using two ATI FIREPRO W600)

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