aspect ratio strangeness with external webcam

I'm having an issue capturing video at lower resolutions using a Logitech C930e camera.

Capturing and displaying images at 960x540 or 1920x1080 is great, no problems.

If I go down to any of the lower resolutions specified in the available camera options (480x270, or lower), the image displayed is stretched in width/ squished in height.

I ran some tests putting a square in front of the camera as a control and the stretching / squishing at 480x270&lower is pretty dramatic.

I ran the test on another computer and had the same results, and ran another test using Openframeworks instead of Processing, and there was no stretching at any resolution...everything was displayed perfectly.

I also ran a test in Processing using my internal camera - all resolutions were fine.

So there's a problem that is unique to capturing at lower resolutions using this particular camera in Processing only.

Any idea why this might be happening or how to fix it?

Processing 2.0.3 & osx 10.8.3

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