Why i just see a grey box?

Hi Guys,

i really need help -.-

i programmed a video game named "How to be a whale" here the website: http://howtobeawhale.de there you can see images and a little video about the game.

To export the game for mac OS X is no problem. It works perfect. But now i want to export it as JavaApplet, and it this does,t work. I just see a grey box and the of name my document.

/Users/lucamoos/Desktop/Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-25 um 15.11.09.png

i have no idea whats the problem. the only thing i think it could be is the size of the program, maybe its to big for a web but i don`t now XD

i hope somebody has a idea. It would be fantastic!




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    • Java Applets are dead in practice nowadays! :-<
    • You can strictly stick to Processing's API and use JavaScript Mode.
    • Re-write your sketch in CoffeeScript Mode.
    • Re-write your sketch in P5.JS.
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