Best Video codec for Vj // Live Visuals Mixing Sketch

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I am trying to build a sketch that can be used as a Vj mixing program to run live visuals in a performance setting. Nothing too crazy, but similar to Modul8 and others where you can mix in channels of video, add effects, color, change timing, etc.

I have built on in Quartz Composer before but I want something that can be shared much easier.

I am wondering if there is a "BEST" codec for this, perhaps something that is perfectly suited to Processing?

Obviously H.264 is out of the question because it is highly compressed and doesn't run backwards or at different speeds well. I used Apple ProRes 422 Proxy in my Quartz Composer composition and found that to be the best because it kept that frames uncompressed enough to access them fast but also have complete information during scrubbing and the like.. However I know that Photo JPEG is a big hit.

Can anyone speak to, if on a technical level, which may be the best to use and why? I would want the program to accept many different types but I'm looking for the best. The level in which to aspire to.


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