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my 11 year old son working on a project with a robot surveillance camera. has encountered a problem that really confuses me. He Use RF wireless camera that connects via USB grabber to a computer . When activating the program for video capture, we have the option to choose two cameras. One is a web camera with the computer, and the other is rf wireless camera. When I choose a web camera appears on the screen image, but when I select rf wireless camera on the screen is blank. I must mention that the errors do not occur as gstreaming critical . I don't no what the problem is. I apologize if there are errors in the writing because I use google translate.

Please help


  • What do you get in the console with:


    @codeanticode, do you have any idea?

  • Hi Daniel in the console I get the HP Web camera (Webcam, which is in the computer) and label for usb grabber. When you choose a web camera program provides a picture, but when I choose usb grabber I get nothing. The camera I tested the program that came with the usb grabber and it works. I really do not know what the problem is. the console does not receive information about some mistakes.

  • I am having a similar issue... Working on an FPV project for an RC car. I am using an EasyCAP USB capture device. I know that the drivers for this device use the Windows DirectShow API, so I would expect the device to be detected as a webcam, but that does not seem to be the case. The provided software for the device displays video (as @zlatko mentioned), but so does a generic media player (VLC in my case).

    Furthermore, when I list out the camera I get the name (name=SMI Grabber Device ), but if I do not specify a resolution for the capture, I get the following error:

    Resolution information not available, attempting to open the capture device at 320x240

    This leads me to believe there is something wrong with the actual device identification, but it's a bit beyond me at this point. Have you guys had any success at all?

  • I think the likely problem is that not all cameras are supported. This is something on our project list for the next Google Summer of Code. You can read about that here:

    And there is more here:

    If indeed there is a bug where the camera should work I would suggest filing that here:

  • Interesting. I've read of a few other folks having success with the device using Python technologies, so it seems like that could be the case. Thanks for the responses!

  • its 2017 and I am have tryed several of the USB video capture devices, they all do something similar. They are seen in Device Manager as Video device not webcams, they work with just about any video capture utility including the software they are packaged with, but not with Processing , despite being seen as a camera in the Camera.list. Is anything being done on fixing this? Since they work with Debut and Webcamsave and several other utilities I assume it should be doable in Processing.

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    yet another old thread bumped for you and your camera.

    and we STILL don't have any answers, sorry.

    maybe post in the video capture github instead, rather than this general purpose forum.

    oh, and the first thing they'll probably ask is what is your operating system, because that's pretty fundamental and i don't think you've mentioned it yet. the camera code is wildly different based on operating system.

    (oh, there's already an issue on github. that means you can stop repeatedly posting the problem here)

  • it is 2018 now, and still this Problem is prevalent. That's very annoying. Let me summarize, what I think the Problem ist, unfortunately, I am lost n any solution:

    When using USB cameras under Windows, and using the usual code to recognize the cameras, list them, select one and start one, the following phenomenon occurs with many cameras (but not all): - the camera is listed with Name, Resolution, Frame rate (via printarray( - usually selecting a low Resolution camera with low Frame rate works. (You do so by opening via camera number or also the string or even parts of the string (e.g. omit the Frame rate). After camera.start() videoevents start to Pop in and you can read. - often selecting a high Resolution camera with high Frame rate (15 or 30) does not work. When you select as above and then start(), there is no error message, but you can see, that no videoEvents pop in, thus nothing is readable.

    Of course the cameras, which I was trying, do work and with other surveillance programms one can easily open them and see the stream. Only Processing does not work, which restricts you to low Level Resolution and makes byng a camera a lottery (-will it work??). Is there anybody out there, who has an answer.

    Before you ask: I have tried with Processing 2.xx and 3.xx, with the newest Video library of course, ...

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