Accessing jar files for built in libraries (serial, minim), to add to build path in eclipse project

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I have a processing project that uses several processing libraries (minim and serial).

Everything works fine in processing.

I am moving the project to eclipse. To use the processing libraries minim, serial, etc., I need to add their jar files (e.g. for Serial, RXTXcomm.jar among others) to the project's build path.

Otherwise it throws NoClassDefFoundError exceptions.

I've researched the problem and the answer is consistently to add the jar files for these libraries to the build path in eclipse. this seems simple enough but I cannot locate the jar files for the built in processing libraries. I've checked all the folders in the processing folder in my program files. But they are not there. I can only get the jar files for contributed libraries.

Does anyone know how I can get the jar files for these built in libraries so that i can use them in my eclipse project?

Thanks very much. (I use Windows).

Best, ~Emily


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