constant timing; following up on "simple game"

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I am trying to develop a very very simple game and the question of constant timing for game events comes up front. (speed of the ships, pace of the canon etc...) So I found this post, on the old forum, talking about this and answering (I guess) the question.

The thing is I can't get the code found here to run. Processing telling me it cannot find the ressources (a.wav, misslesx.png)

Can someone help me find out how to get it to work ?




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    I doubt if anyone still has the resources for such an old post. Also the approach taken in that post is not guarenteed to give smooth animation. A game needs to give a similar experience on different machines so if a ship moves 200 pixels a second it should do that on all machines.

    The only way to do that is to use the time since the game started and/or the time elapsed between frames / updates.

    This post will give you an insight into creating animation independent of frame rate.

  • thank you quark

    btw the "ressources" are included with the code if you DL it for the link, ut's just that Processsing says they are not there while they are in the data/ folder

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