Updating Sketches Themselves over the Internet

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I understand one may use the UDP || TCP protocols to send messages between sketches over the internet.

But say I wanted to update the sketch itself, like with new code - remotely over the internet.

What is the best place to start to look for that kind of information?



  • Are you aware that Processing sketches are compiled? Ie. once you have the source code, you need to convert it to Java, save it to disk, run a compiler to get class files, then load them with Java to run them, and that will be a different program running, not an update of the current one.

  • Yes I am aware Sketches are compiled.

    This questions falls after they are compiled however. How can I get a new sketch (or exported app for that matter) onto a internet connected machine?

    I was thinking a VPN that loads it onto a certain folder. Then someway to run a script that quits all existing programs and loads the new version.

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

    There might be a simpler solution to your problem.

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    Ah, it was simpler than I though, I suppose you wanted a "live update" of a running sketch.

    Java programs can do FTP, so they can download things from Internet.

  • Okay, I will look into that as well, thank you.

    I think I will need to play around a bit before I hone in on a good way.

    I am leaning towards VPN where I can act as a "super user" and control what is happening there. I spoke with a IT friend who deals a lot with VPNs. I am hoping to achieve such in a desktop/UI fashion instead of too much terminal.

    I will be exploring this over the next few weeks...

  • After much searching I found Mac Remote Desktop to be the best solution. It can handle everything I was looking for.


    Of course you can do this other ways but this nails it.

  • Also, gotomyPC is a good option as is team viewer.

    It basically boils down to the fact that a dedicated program to interface with you host computer over the internet is much better than making a tunnel within the Processing app

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