How to display apache batik

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I am not understand how to display JSVGCanvas? in PApplet (Processing) Or what i must use for this?



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    What are you trying to do, exactly?
    PApplet is an AWT component, I guess that Batik's component is Swing (should check, though), which doesn't mix well with PApplet (different threading models).

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    There are AWT & Swing classes that can work well w/ Processing. For example JOptionPane & Robot.
    But most of them will probably conflict w/ Processing's own AWT/Swing Thread! :-SS

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    2 PhiLho: My cod not in processing i wright it in IntellijIdea and can not symple share her. I am want draw one svg image - but wen i try symple

        PShape bot;
            void setup() {
          size(640, 360);
          // The file "bot1.svg" must be in the data folder
          // of the current sketch to load successfully
          bot = loadShape("bot1.svg");
        void draw(){
          shape(bot, 280, 40);            // Draw at coordinate (280, 40) at the default size

    I am see broken image. It was because processing is not support some svg features. Batik's component is Swing. different threading models - thank you.

    2 GoToLoop: thanks a lot i am try find way. May be one app(batik) generate image and save to in memory DB and other app(processing) get and show) Maybe multithreading ))

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