voice recognition with Processing on Mac OS X

Hi all

Has anybody managed to get Processing to work with the inbuilt Mac OS X 10.9/10 speech recognition functionality. I've tried but without success. I have it working with Dragon's Dictate software but when I try to repeat the trick with Apple's inbuilt service nothing happens. Dragon works by entering text at system level (just like typing with a keyboard). When I type on the keyboard of the Mac I'm testing this on I see the text appear in the Processing sketch. When I speak nothing happens. This suggests it's not an issue with Processing but that the text is being handled at another level in the OS. Any thoughts or experience in this?


  • I so wish this was solved.... working on a robotic project that would benefit from this as well....

  • I never fixed Processing with Apple OS speech recognition- but am happily using Dictate with Processing on a regular basis. Works a treat and has no dependencies.

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