Crop/Mask 2 of same PImage to fill 50% of screen

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Hi I have an issue which I am trying to find the best way around. I have an image sequence loaded in which plays depending on user input and the image sequence is duplicated in the sketch and rotated. To illustrate what I mean I have included a diagram below of what I am trying to achieve.

I would like to limit each image from filling the other half of the screen so that when the user "zooms" (enlarges) the image it does not overlap onto the other side of the screen. (I do not simply want to limit the zoom amount to the size of the image because I already have this and I need to be able to zoom in further)


The full opacity images are what I have already, the line down the middle simply depicts where I would like to crop/mask the images and the low opacity depicts the zoomed image and highlights the issue in red overlay.

What is the best way to crop/mask the images? I need to find a method that is the least memory intensive as possible. The image sequences are already causing me issues and forcing me to have loading times when I switch sequence.

Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Will

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