No display window ?

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i have this odd problem with Processing. Let me Start with my Set-up:

MacBook Pro, Yosemite, Processing 2.2.1, Java 8u25

So when i'm in my office conncted to the WiFi Processing works just fine. When i disconnect from the WiFi and try to run a sketch, the display window won't show up. The console stays empty and no error messages.

At home i have the same problem, but there it doesn't matter if i'm connected to WiFi or not. It just won't work.

I also tried it with Processing 3.0a4. same problem.

Do you think the problem has to do with yosemite? It's very frustrating.


  • Perhaps it's some firewall blocking it? Processing's IDE communicates w/ running sketches via socks I guess. :-??

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