Showing video only when playing

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Currently im working on an interactive video. I have several clips that need to be played in a specific order For example: The first clip plays 5 seconds. Then a short loop starts, showing the end of clip one and the beginning of 3 and 4. While it is looping, the viewer decides wich way to go. Like go left or right.

The problem is now: I want to go back again to the looping clip, after 3 or 4 has finished. Basicly this already works in my code, but it will always be stuck on the last frame of the last clip, because it covers the clips drawn before. Is it possible to only show a video/image while needed, like undrawing it? I tried .dispose() , but that crashes my script.

I hope my descripton is not too confusing.


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    I solved my problem. Now I'm drawing each image() inside the methods and drawing background() first.

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