AU Library released!

I'm super-jazzed to release my AU Library. This falls firmly into the "Other" category, offering 12 different sections to help you write great programs. They range from simple programming utilities to make everyday tasks a little more convenient (like choosing and re-using lists of items, a variety of blending curves, a variety of easing curves, many repeating wave shapes, and some new distance functions), to a bunch of useful objects (including a camera for making motion-blurred animations, stacks of 2D fields of floating-point data, a controller for multi-step animations, and a utility for finding equally-spaced points on Catmull-Rom and Bezier curves). The library is extensively documented, with a ton of examples. Come and get it!

The overview document is at

Download the library at


  • Just downloaded the library and tried some of the samples and it looks like its got some great stuff in there. Just have a few comments

    1) The examples don't work out of the box because you appear to have changed the package name from AULibrary to AULib so I had to do some search and replacing before I could get them to work.

    2) I notice that you don't include the source code - is there a reason for this? I was particularly interested in the algorithm you used to get equidistant points on a Bezier curve.

    3) You might want to have the library installable through the PDE, to make it more accessible, in which case this might be of use.

    Nice work :)

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    Thank you, Quark!

    Of course, after weeks (or months) of development, the very most important file (the zip file) was the one I didn't update properly on the server at the very end. It's fixed now. The new zip file should have the source included, those old library references removed, and (if I understand the link you sent) everything needed for installation through the PDE. Please let me know if any of these things are still messed up. My apologies for the screwup, and thank you again for pointing it out.

  • Just downloaded your library and tried the Ease example and it seems fine. The source code is there and I will enjoy looking at the algorithms you used.

    If you want your library to be included on the Libraries page and be available through the PDE you might PM prisonerjohn - he looks after contributed libraries, tools etc.

  • Quark,

    Thank you again for checking that everything's okay now. I'd like to submit it to prisonerjohn, but I haven't used the forum much and I don't know how to PM someone. Can you describe the mechanics to me? If you'd rather take it offline, you can email me at

  • If you are logged into the forum, click on Inbox link at the top of the page. Click on New Conversation and in Reciepients type prisonerjohn (a shortlist appears as you type). Send details of your library to him and wait for a reply.

    You will need a dedicated web address where the zip file and properties file are stored so the PDE knows where to look for updates.

  • thanks. nice lib. just checked the documentation (what a good documentation. love it :) ). i will use this for sure in one of my next project.

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