My first web experiment with processingJS


I have just competed my first web experiment using processingJS, node.js and

You can see it at

Get the code here


  • Really nice man. When the first snowflake appeared I didn't realise initially that it was made out of text, that was a nice surprise. I think the snowflakes move a little too slowly though and it's kind of obnoxious hiding the mouse on the entire screen. Does the processing canvas element stretched to fill the entire page? Also, why did you chose snowflakes to be the visuals to represent "love" / "hate"? What is the connection?

  • Hello etomame,

    Thanks for your comments!

    Regarding with questions:

    • i have decided to hide the cursor so that it wouldn't interfere with animation although i also am not sure it is a good solution. it might confuse the users...
    • yes, the canvas element is constantly adapting to the size of browser window
    • i have chosen snow flakes because of its transience, which is what i believe happens with our feelings; what we love today might be what we will hate later... or... be completely forgotten...
  • That's an interesting concept in terms of the fleeting nature of twitter as well. I guess I would revoice by speed point then, although, maybe the fact that it is so slow works as a nice counterpoint to the frenetic speed of the information framework you are drawing on.

    In terms of the mouse, I think it's just a little unnerving/irritating, I literally had to cast around for a few seconds to find my cursor. As a user I think if the content interests us we naturally move our cursors to the side to what is happening. Maybe you could just hide it in the central section where the snowflakes mainly appear.

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