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hello guys, I do not know if someone uses G4p, but I have this problem, I would like that when you click on the text field, the text inside it is selected, so it can be changed more quickly, but I can not find the command if it exists. thank you very much for your time removeg4p



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    The code does not exist, when you click on the textfield it gives it focus and positions the caret (text cursor) to the position nearest to the click position.

    Once you are inside the text field Ctrl+A will select all the text.

    If you have several textfields for example an input form you can use the GTabManager so that you can tab from one to another. When you tab into a textfield it selects all the text. See the G4P_EditTextControls example that comes with the library.

  • wow, your knowledge always surprises me, wow, congratulations and thank you very much

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    can i add the comand ctrl+a to click event if it is on the textfield??

  • Sorry but that is not possible.

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