Creating Processing apps for deployment that run on non-local place with a nice side-by-side?

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Is this an idea that Ben or Casey have pondered? I have looked at openprocessing and others for processing.js but is there a non-local side way to run your apps using a varying number of resources? This would be very useful for people who cannot install Processing but can only use a non-local resource...



  • I have no idea of what you are talking about. What do you mean by "non-local side way"? What are "varying number of resources"?

  • How does Processing handle concurrency and multiple threads working in unison? I have used the lower-level threads but the Processing thread's documentation seems very fuzzy .

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    Thread/concurrency is a vast & complex subject, while Processing is a framework library running atop of Java!

    Now it depends on what you mean by "multiple threads working in unison":
    Are they about regular Java threads or... multiple instances of PApplet's canvas?
    Or even perhaps multiple Processing apps communicating w/ each other via other means? :-??

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