Can't make toxiclibs Vec3D work in Python mode

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I'm trying to make something in Python mode, but I need toxiclibs. I try using Vec3D, but when I try to read the Vec3D coordinate values it tells me they aren't of the float type and that " argument can't be coerced to float".

I use Python type function to check the datatypes of the Vec3D object and its 'x' attribute and I get:

<type 'toxi.geom.Vec3D'>
<type 'instancemethod'>

And here is the code I mention:


vector = 1

def setup():
    vector = Vec3D(width/2,height/2,0)
def draw():
    ellipse(vector.x ,vector.y, 3, 3)


  • Um, help?

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. When I ask for the Vec3D object "x" (or "y") attribute, I get the error I mentioned. It should return a float value, but when I use Python's type() function to determine the kind of value I'm getting, I don't get "float", but "instancemethod" (?).

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    Not all libraries will work in Python mode I suggest you send a PM to @JonathanFeinberg the creator of Python mode.

  • Thanks, I think I'll do that.

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    Don't know if you ever got this answered, but the issue here is that the toxic libs are properly designed for the end-user; i.e. object fields can't be accessed directly:

    x = vector.x

    would give you an x which is, indeed, a method; an accessor method for the private field x.

    You would need to invoke it as x = vector.x() to get the value of the vector's x.

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