Run sketch on iPad?

I apologise if this question has been answered somewhere; I couldn't find anything.

I've got a simple mouse-operated sketch that uses the controlP5 library. Is there anyway to run this on an iPad, and have the mouse inputs replaced by touch inputs?


  • Perhaps search for iPhone, instead? Don't forget to search from the main site, don't use the search of this forum.

    Can Java run on Apple mobile devices (iOS), now?

  • Nope. Maybe there is a gui for processingjs but I doubt it.

  • I think you can processingjs on an iPad ( but you need to make your own gui-elements.

  • A pity none of the Java Mode's GUI libraries were converted to JavaScript mode yet! :o3
    Another option is learn CoffeeScript Mode and get a JS GUI library instead! >:)

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    "A pity none of the Java Mode's GUI libraries were converted to JavaScript mode yet!"
    Well, Guido is said to be JS compatible, actually.

  • I know that rare cross-mode library! But it doesn't implement any graphics elements at all!
    It's just a register event library! :-@

  • Well, the examples provide implementations of button, checkbox, list, slider, so it is quickly usable, and it leaves room for improving their look (a bit primitive, out of the box...).

  • I had the impression we'd have to draw those GUI elements by ourselves! #:-S
    Wait, I still got that impression. I don't see any drawing methods from that lib! [-X

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    "the examples provide implementations of [GUI elements]"
    Indeed you have to draw them yourself, in your sketches. I was just saying you don't need to reinvent the wheel, as a default implementation is provided. But then, nothing prevents you from drawing nicer components...

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    I'm just saying that when some1 is looking for a GUI library, he/she expects something akin to ControlP5 or G4P!
    Guido is merely a register event library! I bet it's not what @vmln8r is looking for by a long shot! :@)

    Nonetheless, for being a cross-mode library, it's a praise-worth feat by itself! o->

    But since there's no complete GUI cross-mode library yet,
    again I recommend learning CoffeeScript mode and look for a JS GUI library instead!

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