Looking for network data display examples

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Pre-newbie, here. Not sure if this is the appropriate section--please feel free to tell me to move the question.

I haven't used Processing, and am deciding whether to explore it or some alternatives first. It would be helpful to see examples of network graphics (e.g. of social network relationships, directed graphs, etc.), preferably with the code that created them. That would give me at least a superficial feel for how easy it is to do what I want to do at this point. Examples with different network formatting options would be helpful. Feel free to point me to particular Processing libraries.

One of the things that's appealing about Processing is how immensely flexible it seems to be. This is good, because in the long run, I'll want to do more complicated things than simply displaying network data. But it's bad, in a sense, because the fact that Processing is used for so many different things, makes it hard to find simple examples of one particular kind--network graphics, in this case. In the short run, that's all that I care about. (Maybe I'm not searching effectively??)

More specifically, my immediate goal is to be able to display neural networks and social networks generated by simulations I'm writing in Clojure. I'll probably be using the clj-processing Clojure wrapper for Processing.



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