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In Arduino Cookbook (both 1st and 2nd edition) there is a Processing sketch in chapter 15.13 that has a line " import*/".

I have looked for this library on the web, no luck under that name. If may not be compatible with Processing 2.0 (rumor has it).

Is this available, if so, where can I find it. if not, what do I use in it's place?


  • Link seems to be dead. Anyone else having luck with it? I can't find the library now either. I want UDP support for communication with embedded devices.

  • there is an opencv library in the library manager. can you not use that?

    OpenCV for Processing 0.5.4 
    Greg Borenstein  
    Computer vision with OpenCV.

    failing that, there's boofcv.

  • (odd. No real idea why I'm replying to this from 2015. Oh, someone else was asking about hypermedia yesterday, I did a search and found this. Must've replied to the wrong question)

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