Processing library that helps finish functions


I have used one library a year ago, but I cannot remember the name of it.

It works in a similar way like in eclipse for finishing up processing functions and giving a list of sub-functions.

For example:

When you write "line(" it helps you finish it up saying (x1,y1, x2, y2 ) or When using 2nd party library "function.subfunctions()" After writing function name and pressing dot processing gives you a list of possible sub-functions.

Do you know which library it is?

Thank you in advance Petras.


  • Answer ✓

    This is called auto-completion it is not a library but is in the PDE X mode which you can install from the PDE. You will have to restart Processing to see this mode.

  • Thanks, Found it:)

  • I did not know that was there. That is a feature I really like in VS. I learned something very cool here. Thanks!

  • Check out the new Processing 3.0 alpha (expect bugs!) available in the download page. Apparently, they integrated most of the features from this mode.

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