System() call to .exe Processing file doesn't work!


I exported my Processing project, which renders as P3d, successfully. The .exe file works, even from the command line. I need to run this executable from a c++ program. When I call system("Project_name.exe") on it, it doesn't open up the file. I checked the path by opening other types of files like .txt successfully. I also tried it with system("start Project_name.exe")and it gives the same input.

Is it because its not reading java with the app properly? The java folder is also in the same directory. Please help!

Note: I understand system calls are not the best approach. I also used CreateProcess but was not successful. I think the file is opened but the frame and contents doesn't display.

Thank you


  • BTW, Im using VB 13 Pro as my IDE

  • In system calls, it is often possible to specify the start up directory; maybe you should define it, if possible.

  • I ran a batch file executing the file and it worked!

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