Using Processing program in C++


I have a Processing program that takes care of some image processing work once the pictures are taken. However the sdk for the camera is in c++. Ideally, I would like to call Processing functions from my c++ program. But a workaround is also to call the Processing program to run once the pictures are taken, automatically from c++.

Can I please get some guidance on how to do this? One possible approach might be to turn Processing project into a jar file and call it from the c++ program to run. Is this doable?

Thanks in advance



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    The old Processing version 1.5.1 exports as unified ".jar" file inside subfolder "/applet/" by hitting CTRL+E.
    If you're able to make your app compatible w/ the old version, it's the fastest & easiest approach! ;)

  • Hey thanks for the reply!

    I tried it with the latest version and it could do it too. Further reference:

    I should have researched more before I posted the question.

    NOTE: My application uses external images which folders were NOT exported automatically. So I had to manually place the pictures in exported folder for the .jar file to process on them. Hope it helps.

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