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Hi! I'm relatively new to Processing. I have a problem I don't know how to solve or look for solutions online, I can't seem to have a grasp on it. First of all, I'm using promidi library but I guess it has no effect on my problem since I could already make the midi signals work. My problem is: I made a circle, which I'd like to split up to 88 invisible slices (with 88 lines coming from the middle, since the whole range of a MIDI keyboard is 88 notes), and if I press a note it would generate anything, for example a dot going outwards from the centre, based on the pitch. So if I press the lowest key it would draw a dot in the centre going straight down till it reaches the edge of the circle, since I'd start the splitting from the bottom of the circle to the left (so the key in the middle of the midi keyboard would generate a dot going straight up from the centre). I hope it's clear. I'd appreciate any suggestions, I'm getting a bit desperate with this.


  • "it would generate anything"
    A bit vague, as description...

    Actually, you don't tell us what exactly is blocking you. Is that the Midi interface (getting events)? Is that the animation?

    You should isolate the problems, eg. making an animation when pressing a key from the computer's keyboard, and display the name of a Midi key when receiving the input. After than, you will be able to merge the two sketches.

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