Capture.list() return NullPointerException

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OS 10.9 Processing 2.03 We can't use Capture.list(), just got NullPointerException error.

The code:



  • something like this also cause same problem:

    Capture cam; cam = new Capture(this);

  • Hello, I just updated to 10.9, and the capture examples appear to work well. Capture.list() returns the list of available cameras without NPE error.

    What specific type of Mac are you using? I'm testing on a MBP, early 2011.

  • both 24-inch, Early 2008 and MBP early 2010 can't. cam = new Capture(this); doesn't work, but cam = new Capture(this, 640,480); work.

  • In Processing 2.1b, those problems disappear. I think it's due to Java 7.

  • im on a windows and getting similar issues while trying to connect to a usb hub my usb webcam

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