Raster data formats (GeoTIFF)

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Is there any working libraries for importing and manipulating raster data (e.g. from GeoTIFF) in Processing?

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  • Is that gps data?

  • Nope, gps data is point data by nature but GIS-raster data covers a larger spatial extent. Raster data is produced by e.g. remote sensing instruments or simulation models. It differs from standard RGB-images in that it may contain any number of bands of any numerical data type (e.g. floats, integers, ...) and it also contains georeference information. Georeference information attachs a geolocation to the raster so that it can readily be mapped with correct pixel coordinates on a map.

    See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeoTIFF for explanation of GeoTIFF format.

  • No processing libraries that I can see, but there are Java libraries that you might be able to use.

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    Thanks, koogs! Do you know any specific Java libraries that handle raster tasks? I've only used BEAM-API in Java, but it's way off the radar to use with Processing.

  • I found a post about this specific problem in Java: https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/119134/looking-for-an-open-source-java-based-geotiff-library

    He references to this website: http://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-imaging/gettingstarted.html wehre you can get Apache commons imaging.

    But I couldn't find the file in this large directory. So I just found this ressource on Github: https://github.com/apache/commons-imaging

    Sadly I am not greatly familiar with java, so I am not really able to import the right classes and use them properly. But maybe someone else can figure this out.

    Btw: The example codes on the apache website are non-existent.


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