Run sketch to take webcam photo on remote call

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I am a processing beginner and wondering how achieve the following, assuming it is even possible on processing. I am not looking for implementation solutions, but much rather pointers on how to approach this and if it is possible.

The sketch should be running on a internet connected (static IP can probably be arranged) remote computer with a webcam. What I want to do is send some sort of request to that computer from a webserver to make it take a image.

Taking a picture with the webcam is something I can most likely figure out from tutorials, but how can I listen for remote calls to take a picture (or do anything, for that matter)? The computer running the sketch can be anything, really, but let's assume some sort of Unix machine.

Thanks, k.


  • Perhaps take a look at the Network library, shipped with Processing. There are other communication libraries, like the OSC one.

  • Hey, I checked the Network Server and Client, but if I understood the examples correct it's about connecting a remote processing sketch. Not sure how to use that to activate the webcam say on a http post.

    Anyone got further pointers?

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