processing.js in browser

edited July 2014 in JavaScript Mode

Hi there. I made a sketch which runs fine in javascript mode, in browser. However, I have problems with exporting it to my web application. An answer would reaaally help!!!

I have an MVC framework, Codeigniter; I included the sketch by following the example index.html generated by the processing javascript mode. However, all I see is a gray box. I checked with firebug the source code, it does read the processing.js ( so the links I provided while exporting are good I guess). It shows me the processing.js, but it also shows processing.js line 718 > Function , which shows a function from the pde sketch (now in js). To be noted I work with a picture png and an xml file, and in my application I created the "data" folder and modified in the sketch to follow the links from the app.

What can I do/check? Is it possible it won't work? I really don"t know what to do more.

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