Processing Recorder Library!

Hello, I'm new here. Is the first time I publish a library for processing, so feedback would be great!

Processing Recorder (or PSR) is a simple library that helps crating animations and record sketches in processing. Records are saved in a binary .psr file.

In the library you can find examples for Recording (write) and Playing (read) with PSR.

So, again, I'm new here so remember.. feedback :D (oh, and English is not my main language)

Update, Link to my page


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    What’s the advantage in using PSR over a screen capture program where I have a universal-playable .mov / .avi file afterwards?

  • Well, using this technique you can scale the output animation without worrying about image quality loss. But is not intended to replace video formats. It's more like a tool for making short animations that you can re-use in the same, or other, sketch. Also, it could be a partial solution for rendering high quality videos made from frame to frame capture. Imagine you have a time-depending sketch that deal with a lot of calculation and CPU intensive stuff. You could record each draw the sketch makes and then play it in an other program that will deal with the job of redraw the sketch and slowly save each frame. Also, I'm working in a JavaScript library for playing this PSR files on websites using HTML5 Canvas. But remember, this is not an other video format. This is just a "drawing event" recorder and player.

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