Tutorial 1 with Daniel Shiffman

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I got onto Tutorial 1 with Daniel Shiffman. When every I get on my computer, he starts talking on his tutorial. I can't stop it or delete it. I have to shut my mac down and bring it back up. But every so often he starts talking on his tutorial. How do I delete his talking from my computer.


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    it' not a bad thing that that happens. ;-)

    but still. do you run the browser? because maybe you made the tutorial your start page in the browser?

  • I am using safari. How will I change the start page in that browser?

  • I looked at the settings but it looks like I did not make the tutorial my start page in the browser.

  • your mac is haunted. call 555-2368-ghostbusters. immediately.

  • That does not answer my question. How do I get rid of Daniel repeating his tutorial all the time?

  • This is not a processing question.

    Sounds like you've somehow saved the page in your browser so that it reloads every time you start safari. But not being a Mac user or a safari user I can't guess at how you've done this.

    In Firefox there's a 'pin tab'option that does the same thing and you can click on the tab and chose 'unpin'and it'll go away. I think there's also a way of saving a set of tabs so that they reload on startup, but I don't use this so I can't tell you how to turn that off.

  • Thanks to all of you who have responded to help me.

  • @ mschi : this is really good! ;-)

  • Ack, my apologies for taking over your computer! Hope you were finally able to stop listening to me yammering.

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    @ mschi @ Chrisir @ shiffman @ srekow I think I know what this is!! The same thing happens on my dad's mac book pro, except it is some Paul Revere thing playing. It has nothing to do with safari. My only explanation is that macs are crazy computers. I have a chromebook (with linux too). If you want an answer, then you should ask this on another forum, I don't think this has anything to do with shiffman. If it does, then you should listen to mschi.

  • it must be something rational though...

    either there's a video/audioplayer that is running in background (mac os bug?)? iTunes?

    or some other browser - most browsers have multiple tabs, and when you set a start page, all tabs are saved with it, maybe one of the tabs further down holds the video and it starts automatically?



  • HA HA this is the funniest thread

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