polygon mesh import

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Hello. I would like to import a polygon mesh from a 3D programme into Processing and animate the vertices. Do I need I library for this?

Cheers, Christian



  • Probably, yes.

  • i had best results with the toxiclibs library and importing stl-files

  • Does toxiclibs still work with Processing 2? I think it hasn’t been updated since 2011?

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    Not updated? I don't think you have been looking in right place then, http://hg.postspectacular.com/toxiclibs/commits. Anyway toxiclibs is somewhat implementation agnostic as I find myself repeating on this forum, ie older versions may still work (examples may get out of date though). I've not done much with STL import myself but hg clone the latest code and it will probably work for you (building the toxiclibs complete is really easy).

  • i did the rendering with my own code.

  • Thanks a lot for the replies!

    Unfortunately I can’t even get the examples of toxiclibs to run (makes me feel a little dumb). Can anyone tell me how the structure of the toxiclibs library folder is supposed to be? Do I have to find and copy all the parts manually?


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