core.jar missing from lib directory

Halli Hallo people.

I was just trying to fiddle around and make a library with eclipse, and have visited the GitHub website to see how to do it.

It says that I have to add the core.jar, but I don't seem to have it in my lib, but however there is a

Are these the same? I am sorry for the stupid question. I will try reinstalling processing but yeah, just dropping by to ask before I do so. Thanks for your time.



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    On what OS are you?

    Core.jar is not located in the library folder. On a mac it's in

  • I am using Windows 8. Sorry I forgot to put that in. I found it in. states that it is in the \lib directory in Windows, this is however false. It is in C:\\processing-2.1.1\core\library and not \lib. Thanks!

  • The tutorial is a bit old, the /llib folder was in Processing 1.5 and earlier.

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