Viewing Processing output on a 3D monitor

I've developed a program (cLag) whose appreciation is centred around 3D stereoscopic depth perception.

Currently each Processing frame draws output for the left and right eyes. There are 2 operating modes:

a) red / blue anaglyph, or b) left of screen for left eye, and right of screen for right eye.

Using Red/Blue glasses in the a) mode allows the user a pleasant stereoscopic experience when viewing the computer's monitor, the only drawback is that this is monochromatic (the red/blue merge shade).

The non-anaglyph b) mode allows for a full color experience, however, the user must be able to cross eyes so that the displayed output left of center is superimposed on the displayed output right of center. Most people find this too difficult to accomplish.

The b) mode when combined with an Oculus VR headset works brilliantly. Left of center goes to left eye- Oculus, and right of center goes to right eye-Oculus. The brain merges the two images and the result is very pleasing with ample depth. The only problem is that the user needs an Oculus…

I'd like to be able to adapt the program so that its output can be properly viewed on standard 3D tv sets with 3D left-right blinking glasses.

It would be very simple for me to assign output destined for the left eye to odd-numbered Processing frames and right eye output to even-numbered processing frames. Then I'd set frameRate to 30, and connect to a 3D tv via the computer's HDMI port...

But I doubt that this would simply magically sync up with the left-right blink rate of standard 3D TV.

I suspect the answer to solving the blink/sync question lies within using something like the nVidia 3D graphics card for 3D gaming.

So the question is: how can Processing trigger 3D glasses blink rate so that left eye sees left eye output and right eye sees right eye output?


  • I don't have a solution for your problem, but i am interessted how you achieved the blue/red output and the side-by-side one.

    Any chances you could share some of that code? ;;)

  • @howhuman and @acidrain, have a look at my new library "Camera 3D". It has several algorithms for making red-cyan anaglyphs, as well as amber blue and magenta green. It can also output frames in a format that can be interpreted by a 3D movie player such as the one found at (side by side over under, interlaced, etc). You can't run the sketch in 3D mode though, you have to save the frames to files and then make a movie out of it.

    I documented everything here:

    The library is a framework for creating all kinds of stereoscopic animations. You can make your own and add them to the framework, saving you a lot of time.

    @howhuman, I think what you are trying to do will require us to write JNI code to access the NVidia API directly. I do think it is possible, but don't know how.

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