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Hello there!

I recently came across an ad for the Summer of Code on the Processing facebook page and was instantly struck with excitement. I have been enamored with Processing ever since I discovered it and think this could be an excellent opportunity to work on my craft while contributing to the cause of open source software. I did have a question about my eligibility. I am 18 years old in April this year and am still enrolled in high school. I was wandering if this creates any conflict for my eligibility. Also, I am considering developing a library for Processing which allows the export of VST plugins, which would be similar in essence to some of the classes in the Juce library for C++. Some feedback on my concerns would be greatly appreciated.



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    Found this In the FAQs: Are there any age restrictions on participating? Yes. You must be 18 years of age or older on or before 21 April, 2014 to be eligible to participate in Google Summer of Code in 2014.

    I turn 18 on the 14th, so it looks like I'm covered on that one. I have not applied to universities since I'm going back to school for an extra semester and intend on applying next year. I hope I can still participate despite that fact.

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    Hi ad_min. Thanks for your interest and excitement!

    Please note that google handles eligibility and we cannot make any exceptions. If you read through the entire FAQ and look over the application, you'll be able to determine if you are eligible.

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    I went through the FAQ and other documentation and it looks like I'm eligible. I have been putting a lot of thought into how I can contribute thoughtfully to the project and I have refocused my idea a bit. I noticed how it was mentioned that the toxiclibs library needed updating and I am curious about what an update to the library would entail. I am particularly interested in working on the audioutils package. I think working with that particular package could be an interesting opportunity to go all out with dealing with digital audio signals.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Most of the work regarding toxiclibs is going through and making sure it is compatible with the current release of Processing (2.1.1) and is released also under the new guidelines for Processing libraries. There is more info about developing Processing libraries on the wiki: This may, in fact, be a smaller project than GSOC requires, but I also have not gone through toxiclibs in detail to determine what is required.

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    I think I can commit to making sure the compatibility concerns are dealt with for a chunck, if not all of the toxiclibs regardless of my involvement in GSoC, If that is all that needs to be done with that library.

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    I submitted an application!

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