Doodle3D API hackathon

On 22 march Doodle3D invites everybody to control 3D-printers with their favorite programming language during the first ever Doodle3D API hackathon!

The Doodle3D WiFi-Box makes almost all 3D printers wirelessly controllable through a simple REST API. This means you can control them using Processing, openFrameworks, JavaScript, Arduino, Cinder etc. Basically any language that can send and receive HTTP requests (ajax).

So what could you make? You can think of the Doodle3D drawing application as the first application written on top of the API, it makes 3D printing a simple sketch child’s play. Another example is Cura, which uses the API to enable wireless sending a print to your printer. But using the WiFi-Box you could control a printer using a Kinect, influence an ongoing print with sound input, maybe make a creative cup designer or adding an embeddable print button to an existing design application or website like thingiverse or youmagine.

Location: Doodle3D @ VechtclubXL, Europalaan 2B, 3526 KS Utrecht, The Netherlands

Registration and more info:

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