Cam-input JMyron error !!

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I want to built a sentry gun which detect motion. I find some basic codes for it but whenever i want to run the codes in processing it gives error from JMyron library. I try to run codes from in Processing 2.2.1 and Processing 1.5.1. Processing says that 'C:\Users\emn\Documents\Processing\libraries\JMyron\library\JMyron.dll: Can't find dependent libraries' and processing 2.2.1 says that 'A library used by this sketch is not installed properly.A library relies on native code that's not available.' . But i copy the libraries in C:\Users\emn\Documents\Processing\libraries. I am new at Prcocessing program. Can anyone help me or give a suggestions?


  • I too am having this error when trying to use the JMyron library. If anyone has a solution, please help!

  • You guys found it?

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    Hi all, we solve the issue but I havent use Processing since 1 year so I forget some of the steps :) First of all JMyron works with Processing 32 bit properly. Even if you have 64 bit pc use 32 bit Processing. Second, Processing has library location (not the program location) in my case it is C:\Users\emn\Documents\Processing\libraries . I copy the JMyron folder in here. After that you need some dll files which is mention link below ; I copy this dll files C:/Windows/System32, C:/Windows/SysWOW64 , processing library location and processing program location. Unfortunately you may have to repeat these steps multiple times. I know it is silly but after 4-5 times my code works fine :)

    Then I install WinVDIG ; After this try to open examples in Processing program. You should see JMyron folder and examples should work. And if examples work fine you should use PSG code succesfully.

    I hope it will help.

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