[Solved] Try & Catch not found in processing 2.x versions..... Help !

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Hi, I have been trying to run my old code on new version of processing 2.x and it reported me an error "cannot find a class or type name of "connectException" so I tried running the same code on processing 1.5.1 and it worked like charm without throwing any error.


void setup() {
  size(600, 400);
  ThinkGearSocket neuroSocket = new ThinkGearSocket(this);
  try {
  catch (ConnectException e) {
    //println("Is ThinkGear running??");

Please help.

I have tried importing this but it didn't work.

import java.util.*;

Do I have to import any thing else ?

  1. ConnectException is not available I think Try & catch working fine in processing.
  2. I have tried importing import java.rmi.*; but now it shows unhandled exception type ConnectException
  3. After that I have tried importing import java.net.*; and now it shows The type ConnectException is ambiguous


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    Are we supposed to know what is a ThinkGearSocket??? :-??

    Anyways, there are 2 ConnectException classes. Import 1 or both and check if any works!


    import java.net.ConnectException;
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    @GoToLoop Thanks you and sorry for ThinkGearSocket.

    Yes I tried both but both them are giving error. (mentioned above)

    It is basically Neurosky Mindwave socket. Neurosky mindwave is a commercially available EEG sensor for researcher and developer monitering eeg signals (brainwave).

    Earlier I have been working on this but then I started developing for kinect sensor now I have started again and find difficult to run my old code on processing.


    import java.net.*; // it worked

    but together it was not working :) thanks a lot GotoLoop

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    Since you're not sure what is the Exception class you need, how about catch-all? X_X

    catch (Throwable t) { // blah, blah, blah...! }


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    But together it was not working.

    I've 1st said to import 1. By "both" I've meant try both. But forgot to warn you not at the same time! 8-X

    And rather than a generic import java.net.*;, better be more specific:

    Either -> import java.net.ConnectException; or import java.rmi.ConnectException;.

  • I doubt that's the RMI version, as it is a very specific protocol.

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