Kinect for Windows is compatible with SimpleOpenNI?

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Hi all! In the last years I have been developing research / private sketches and applications with Kinect 360 and SimpleOpenNI. Recently I had the opportunity to work on commercial projects, then I need to move on the Kinect for Windows sensor. Due to organizational issues, it will take a few weeks before I can get the new sensor and test it. I am a bit worried about its compatibility with OpenNI-based libraries, anybody knows whether things are going to work out fine or I have to expect compatibility issues? Many thanks!


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    • if you want to use SimpleOpenNI 1.96
      you can use Kinect SDK v1.x, but it's not suitable with the old example using SimpleOpenNI 0.27 ( this is one of some example that will you get). You need to install: Kinect for Windows SDK & Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit which you can download from this link

    • but if you want to use SimpleOpenNI 0.27 . You need to install : (1) OpenNI SDK v1.5.7.10 & NiTE v1.5.2.23 which you can download from this link (2) The Kinect driver which you can download from this link - (this driver is not supported on Windows 8)

  • In case if you are using the newer version and encounter any error, refer to this post. Here I have disscussed changes in the newer version of the SImpleOpenNI 1.96 but I would suggest to use older version of SimpleOpenNI 0.27

    My Post Link: Click Here

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