PS3 Eye Cam doesn't show up in processing


I'm trying to set up my Ps3 Eye Cam with processing, but when I print "capture.list()" it only detects my standard laptop webcam. I tried the standard video library of processing and the GSVideo library, which should be the same ...

The CL-EYE Test file works fine, the cam shows up in the Device Manager (Windows 7), and I can use the cam in Skype. Simply not in processing.

Has someone had a similar issue or an idea how I could get the cam working in processing?

Greet, Tobias


  • What are you trying to do with the camera? This may not help but if you are simply using it for blob detection you can receive TUIO signals in processing pretty easily with the TUIO library. Hopefully that helps.

  • hey, sorry for my late response. I want to use it for face detection. But your tip will maybe help me in other projects :) Thank you!

    I still have not found the solution..

  • Hi there,

    I would like to chime in as well.

    I have been using this app:

    It works super well and has a great GUI in place which makes it great for prototyping. However, I'd like to eliminate the unnecessary Syphon link and integrate it into the app natively. yet I run into the same problems as described above.

    Has anyone, with a current version of OSX been able to use this camera in a sketch? I remember that the Macam video library was deprecated a while back.

    Since these cameras go for $10 on Amazon all day long and are incredibly hackable I would imagine it would be best to define a solid workflow for this?

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