Interfacing to button on Bluetooth headset

I'm writing a very fun application that will allow me to control electric devices in my home with my voice. Yeah... I tell the lamp to light up and it does...because I told it. (I can feel the power already) Anyhow, I'm trying to refine the controls and optimize it to be as usable as possible. In doing so, I purchased a Bluetooth headset today (good sale at local RadioShack. Just $10) and it works beautifully for my sketch. Having the mic portable and on my face really helps recognition!

The way the sketch works, I can call a single command to start listening, and a single command to stop listening. In order to conserve battery on the headset and CPU cycles on the PC, I don't want it listening all the time (at least in this application). Though that would allow me to say a keyword to activate, I'd rather push the button on the headset. It has a "multifunction" button that does all the main functions of the headset (call, pair, hang up, switch phones, mute, etc.) It also has two volume buttons that I would use if I had to. I'd like to make that button on the side activate the start command in my sketch. I could be way off here, and the button may only talk to the board in the headset, but I was thinking that if a single tap hangs up a call, surely it is sending something over Bluetooth to disconnect the call back at the phone. Can I use that signal to toggle listening?

In case you are curious, I'm planning to buy this to control 5 outlets in my home. The remote will be torn down and modified to work on my Arduino, and Processing will control that. Outlet Control --

Hopefully I will have a full project post when the project is complete if you want to see more about how it works. Thanks in advance for any insight!


  • I am not completely opposed to activating the computer another way, but I'd really like to try to make it happen with that button. Please help! Thank you!

  • any luck with this?

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