changed program to vlw file, now can't open

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Hello, I hope this is an acceptable forum to post this in. I am a complete and utter noob, so bear with me. I wrote my first program for a class I'm taking. Everything came out fine, the file was saved as a .pde file. I can't recall exactly what happened next, but Processing said I needed to do something and I clicked okay. My program is now in a .vlw file, e.g., BellMT-16.vlw. I cannot open this. I have been looking around the web to see what to do and I cannot find any guidance. What should I do?


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    I've got no idea how would you pull that out but, if your .pde were overwritten, it's over! :-O
    Try rename it to .pde and open it in Notepad2. Download it from the net.
    Last ditch would be hunt for some .java file inside temp folder or something. Sorry! :((

  • vlw is a Processing Font File

    are you sure you've overwritten your pde? I don't think so.

    or are you in the data-folder, then go up one folder to find the pde

    did you look in the windows explorer for your pde?

    did you check the recent files in processing?

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