Analogue Clock Second hand Sweep not Tick

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Hi All,

I'm busting my brains with this one.

I've taken the very simple clock sketch from the examples, but instead of drawing lines I'm using images of clock hands.

I currently have my clock working perfectly, how ever I want the second hand to sweep, not tick.

float s = map(seconds(), 0, 60, 0, 360);

The above command is the one i'm using. (s is used in my radians)

Now understandably the hand will move 6 degrees every second (tick), but how can i sweep it so its constantly moving throughout the full rotation of the clock.

Cheers Guys.



  • There is a new forum- better ask there

  • Seconds return seconds as an integer value. You need millis() as it returns fractions of a second.

    it will look like this:

    float s = map( (millis()%1000), 0, 1000, 0, 360);

    This is assuming that seconds() and millis() are internally synchronized. If they are not, then there is another trick. Any other posts, we go to the new forum.


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