Video library only supports webcams?

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Can someone confirm that the processing Video Lib. only supports webcams or cameras that appear as image devices under device manager? Easy Cap analog video to usb is a video device under Sound, Game Controllers in device manager.

Virtually all other video utilities see it and can show video stream from it. But processing lists the device but will not capture from it and display images.

I found software called DVdriver that "fools" windows into seeing any usb input device as a webcam. But it only works in default resolution or 320x240 and gives error "resolution information unavailable" Tryed to set width and height to values 640x480 ( what its set for and what camera woprks at in utility software that does show image) still no luck!

Searching and researching it is becauise it is a video device and needs other parameters set that are not supported by capture in Processing video lib.

Can this support be added ? If someone can do it I'd like to know , its worth something to me to make it work so i can grab images from a camera into a PImage memory instead of saving the image to a file and using loadImage to get it.

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